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The New Cordless Huck Tool

Huck has joined forces with Makita ® to bring you industry-leading performance paired with superior reliability in the latest advancement in battery-powered installation tooling. The Huck® Range Force is the only battery tool on the market specifically designed and tested to install the complete range of Huck® blind fasteners and lockbolts up to 6.4mm (1/4”)


  • The only battery tool with electronically adjustable pull force control
  • Exceptional quality for superior reliability & durability (tested to 50k installations)
  • High pull force (adjustable) & long stroke length for ultimate versatility
  • Can install the complete Huck range of structural & non-structural rivets (up to 1/4" / 6.4mm) as well as two-piece fasteners (up to 1/4" BobTail® / MagnaGrip® )
  • Cross-compatibility with Huck noses and Makita 18v batteries
  • Huck's new tool provides a lightweight, cordless solution perfectly suited for hard to reach, or off-site applications. Customers hindered in the past by cables and proximity to an air supply now have the ability to install blind fasteners and lockbolts in previously inaccessible applications.

    Supported Fasteners:

    • Magna-Bulb
    • Magna-Lok
    • HuckLok
    • Magna-Tite
    • BOM (4.8mm 3/16” only)
    • BobTail
    • C6L / C120L
    • Hucktainer
    • Magna-Grip