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Tool Hire

If you have a need to install Huck® bolts, Huck® rivets, Rivnuts, Nutserts or any kind of specialty rivet your first call should be to Rivtec®.  


We have a huge range or Huck® guns for hire including many special clearance tools (offset, right angle, squat, long nose assemblies etc)

If you are re-fastening a screen, repairing a Kenworth or have a one-off rivnut job then a hire tool from Rivtec® could be your best option!

We have tools and nose assemblies capable of installing just about any rivet, rivnut or Huck® bolt including but not limited to....

Magnagrip®, Hucktainer®, Magnalok®, Hucklok®, Magnabulb®, Monobolt®, Interlock®, Bulb-tite®, Klamp-tite®, Hemlok®, Orlock, C50L®, C6L®, Avdelok®, Maxlok®, BOM® and HP8®

Tool Servicing

Rivtec® are the experts when it comes to servicing Huck® guns, Rivnut tools and all kinds of blind riveting equipment!

Here at Rivtec® we understand that many factories rely on our riveting tools, if a tool breaks down we can often fix it while you wait or even repair the tool on site.  If a tool can’t be fixed quickly we can usually provide loan equipment so that our OEM customers can keep their production running.